Timeline 2008-2016


9th April –  Blue 39 aka Bracken (Nest 1, 2011) lands on Nest 2 and later presents White EB with a fish. The second record of a Kielder born osprey returning to the natal area
13th April – Blue 2H (Nest 2, 2012) lands on Nest 1
9th June – after a long first Spring migration Blue UV, 2014 Nest 1, returns to the UK
20th June – Blue UV spends the day in Kielder Forest
1st July – Blue UV lands on his parents’ nest, Nest 1A
10th Sept – after a summer in N England UV migrates

Nest 1/1A

26th March – YA lands with a fish at 09.50 and intruder Blue HV takes it.
                         Mrs YA lands at 12.42, Blue HV isn’t seen again
Early April – YA/Mrs YA move to new platform
19th May – first hatch
20th May – second hatch
21st May – third hatch
22nd May – fourth hatch
28th June – the chicks were ringed, two females Blue Y0 and Y3 and two males Blue Y1 and Y2
13th July – Y1 fledges at 12.15
14th July – Y2 fledges at 11.29
before 08.00 15th July – Y0 fledged out of camera streaming hours
19th July – Y3 fledges a2 11.06
10th August – last sighting of Y2 (82 days old)
16th August – Mrs YA last seen
24th August – last sightings of Y1 and Y3
25th August – last sighting of YA

Nest 2

24th March – 37 returns to Nest 2 at 11.03
3rd April – an afternoon of intrusion by four ospreys ends with White EB staying
22nd April – egg 1 seen at 09.43 (the nestcam stream began at 09.30)
25th April – egg 2 seen at 09.49
28th April – egg 3 laid at 09.54
29th May – first hatch shortly before 08.00
31st May – second hatch before 08.00
2nd June – third hatch at about 13.06
6th July – chicks ringed, all female, Blue Y4-6
Between 08.25 on 21 July and 15.00 0n 23 July – Blue Y4 and Y5 fledged
By early on 28 July Y6 was observed flying
20th August – last sightings of EB and Y5
23rd August – last sighting of Y4
13th September – last sighting of Y6, probably left early the next day
14th September – last sighting of 37

Nest 3

27th March – the female returns
31st March – both ospreys present on the nest
16th April – one egg visible
19th April – two eggs visible
23rd April – three eggs visible
23rd May – first chick seen
25th May – second chick hatched about 15.50
30th June – the chicks were ringed, female Blue VH and male Blue VR
17th July – male Blue VR fledges between 11.15 and 15.00
18th July – female Blue VH fledges, probably in the afternoon
12th August – last time the female was seen on footage
24th August – VH probably migrated
3rd September – VR probably migrated

Nest 4

mid-May – pair incubating
9th  June – at least one hatch
6th  July – two chicks visible, about 28-30 days old
18th July – the chicks were ringed, both males, Blue Y7 and Y8
5th August – Y8 fledged early morning, Y7 had also fledged
8th September – Y8 data ceased
11th September – the ospreys had migrated before this date


14th April – Blue 1H (Nest 2, 2012) lands by her grandparents’ nest at Glaslyn!
25th April – HISTORY IS MADE! Blue 2H, born on Nest 2 in 2012, lands on Nest 3. The first record of a Kielder youngster returning to the natal area.
27th April – Blue 2H lands on Nest 1
1st May – Blue 1H lands next to the Glaslyn nest again and ‘Granny’ still isn’t welcoming
2nd May – Blue 2H lands on Nest 3 again
15th May – Blue 2H lands five times on Nest 1

Nest 1

2nd April – White YA lands on his nest at 14.59
9th April – Mrs YA lands at 09.25, probably arrived home earlier
17th April – 13.23, first egg for Nest 1
20th April – 13.53, second egg for Nest 1
23rd April – third egg visible when Mrs YA stood up at 09.13
27th May – first hatch at 09.38
29th May – second chick seen, may have hatched previous evening
30th June – the chicks, both female, were ringed Blue VP and Blue VY. A GSM/GPS tracker was fitted to Blue VY
20th July – VY fledged before 08.58 when nestcam streaming began
20th July – VP fledged at 17.52
26th August – last time Mrs YA was seen
30th August – VY began her migration
3rd September – VP probably left Kielder
5th September – YA (probably) last seen

Nest 2

5th April – Mrs 37 back at noon. YA visits and courtship begins
9th April – 37 returns at 09.57, with fish!
19th April – 15.55, first egg for Nest 2
22nd April – 10.43, second egg for Nest 2
25th April – 10.06, third egg laid in the rain
29th April – 10.07, a FOURTH egg is seen. The first known clutch of four in Eng/Wales
10th May – an intruder lands and tramples the eggs several times; the following day they are left exposed for over 2 hours as an aerial battle is fought
22nd May – an intruder attacks Mrs 37 as she shelters the eggs and one is accidentally kicked out of the cup
29th May – first chick had hatched before nestcam streaming began
30th May – second chick had hatched before nestcam streaming began
5th June – third chick hatched at 10.51
7th June – third chick dies
6th July – the chicks, both female, were ringed Blue VS and Blue VM
22nd July – VS fledged at 14.52 and VM followed at 15.25
24th August – Mrs 37 last seen
30th August – VS last seen on the nest
1st September – 37 and VM still present in the afternoon, coverage ceased

Nest 3

The Nest 3 pair returned by early on 10th April
First egg laid around 18th April, three eggs seen on 30 April
First hatch by 08.00 on 30 May
Two chicks by 3 June
6th July – the chicks were ringed. A male wears Blue VN and a female Blue VW
24th July – VW fledged at 12.22
26th July – VN fledged, probably at 08.14
8th August – the female wasn’t seen on the nestcam or in field observations after this
29th August – VW last seen at 19.15
31st August – VN last seen in early morning. No sightings of the male


25th February – First reported UK sighting of an osprey in 2014 was at Kielder; probably a migrant heading for Scandinavia

mid June – Confirmation that a pair of unringed ospreys have bred successfully on a third nest in Kielder Forest. They have two chicks

1st July – Report of Nest 2 male osprey Blue 2H  from Nest 2, 2012, seen in County Durham

17th July – The chicks on Nest 3 were ringed Blue VK (male) and Blue VL (female)

11th August – Report of male osprey Blue 39 from Nest 1, 2011, seen at Derwent Reservoir, County Durham

Nest 1

26th March – An unringed female landed on the nest at 11.23
2nd April – White YA landed at 10.25 and a courtship of the 26th March female began
8th April – Mrs YA, the 2013 Nest 1 female, returned. After a tussle with the 26th March female Mrs YA paired with YA once more
24th April – First egg seen when camera streaming began
28th April – Second egg laid at 16.02
2nd May – Third egg seen at 09.30
4th June – Two eggs had hatched between 20.00 on 3rd June and 09.00 on 4th June
5th June – Third hatch at about 15.00
15th July – The chicks were ringed Blue UV (male), Blue VT (female) and Blue VV. Blue UV and Blue VV were fitted with GSM transmitters
28th July – All three chicks fledged successfully
30th August – Last sighting of Mrs YA on the nestcam
31st August – Blue VV started her migration soon after 08.00
1st September – Four ospreys in trees around the nest so Mrs YA presumably was still around
2nd September – Blue UV left on migration soon after 09.00. One osprey was seen in the trees and there was a later sighting of a flypast of the nest with a fish. Possibly both were YA
3rd September – YA (probably) was seen in the nest area with a fish. No further sighting

Nest 2

30th March – Yellow 37 landed (with a fish!) at 14.02

3rd April – Yellow 37 and White EB (born Tweed Valley in 2007) continue their relationship which began on Nest 1 on 1st April

5th April – Mrs 37 back on the nest, no sign of White EB around

24th April – The pair moved to a new platform in the same area

25th – 26th April – First egg laid, three eggs in total
4th June – First hatch at approx 12.35
5th June – Second hatch at approx 15.00
7th June – Third egg hatched between 20.00 on 6th June and 09.00 on 7th June
15th July – The chicks were ringed Blue 7H, Blue 8H and Blue 9H. All are female. Blue 7H was fitted with a GSM tracker
28th July – Blue 8H fledged
29th July – Blue 7H and Blue 9H fledged
mid August – Mrs 37 not seen after 17 August
3rd September – only 37 and Blue 7H were still present; Blue 8H and Blue 9H left on migration between 30th August and 3rd September
7th September – Blue 7H left on migration during the morning. 37’s date of departure not known because of nestcam problems


25th March – White YA confirmed at Blagdon Lake, Somerset
25th March – 5th April – White YA seen fishing at Blagdon and Chew Valley, initially with 2 or 3 other Ospreys
Summer – Blue 35 (Nest 1 2010) had a failed nest attempt in South Cumbria andBlue 38 (Nest 2 2011) was seen in North YorkshireNovember – Blue 1H (Nest 2 2012) seen in the Toddé swamps in Northern Senegal

Nest 1

YA looks down at the female having breakfast. (c) Forestry Commission

YA looks down at the female having breakfast. (c) Forestry Commission

4th April – A new female with a very dark head seen on the
4th April – Nest 2 male (Yellow 37) visited the nest
7th April – White YA returned to nest; slow bonding with the dark headed female already present
12th April – Mating observed for the first time although it could have been occurring off camera
19th April – White YA seen mating with last year’s female immediately on her return
22nd -28th April – the dark headed female reappeared to compete for YA. She was ever more present on the nest and proved to be the new partner
28th April – Nestcam link down
3rd May – Field observations suggest first egg laid
By 14th June – Feeding of chick(s) confirmed
By 27th June – one chick had died, probably the eldest
27/28th June – the elder remaining chick dies
29th July – the chick is ringed Blue 6H (sex uncertain)
16th August – Blue 6H fledged

Nest 2

Nest 2 pair 2013 (c) Forestry Commission

Nest 2 pair 2013
(c) Forestry Commission

3rd April – Osprey seen performing ‘nestoration’
4th April – Yellow 37 (male) confirmed at nest
9th April – Female confirmed at nest and mating witnessed
26th April – First egg laid
28th April – Second egg laid (video of the pair and their eggs)
1st May – Third egg laid (video of Mrs 37 and 3 eggs)
3rd June – First and second eggs hatched (video of chick 1)
5th June – Third egg hatched
10th July – The chicks are ringed Blue 3H (male), Blue 4H (female) and Blue 5H (female)
26th-29th July – All three chicks fledged during this period

26 March – first reported sighting of an Osprey at Bakethin.

Nest 1
03 April – original female returns but White YA becomes the breeding male.
19 April – first egg seen.
21 April – second egg seen.
23 April – third egg seen.
26 May  – first egg hatched.
28 May  – second egg hatched.
29 May  – third egg hatched.
09 June – 2 chicks disappeared from nest.
12 July – nest ringing – Blue HO – probably a female due to size.
20 July – chick becomes a fledgling.
01 Sept – nest 1 empty.

Nest 2
13 April – osprey pair confirmed on nest.
26 April – first egg seen.
28 April – second egg seen.
03 May  – third egg seen.
04 June – first egg hatched.
05 June – second egg hatched.
07 June – third egg hatched.
04 July – third chick to hatch died.
19 July – nest ringing – Blue 1H (probably female) and 2H (probably male)
30 July – chicks become fledglings.
15 Sept – nest empty.


Nest 1
End of March – A pair of ospreys return  lay three eggs.
5 July – one chick confirmed
19 July – 1 young ringed (blue 39 aka Bracken).
7 August – the single youngster takes its first flight.

Nest 2
July – confirmation of a pair of ospreys with young on a second nest.
19 July – 2 young ringed (blue 37 and 38)
15-17 August – two young from nest 2 fledge.

Mid September – ospreys have all departed for West Africa.

End of March – The pair return.
Beginning of May – 3 eggs are laid.
2nd week of June – all eggs hatch.
Early July – chicks ringed (Blue 34, 35 and 36 aka Aqua Splash and Spray)
Middle July – young fledge.
During the summer another bird is seen around and even attempted to land on the nesting platform.

A pair return and find one of the newly installed nesting platforms.  They make a nest, lay three eggs and rear three young (ringed as White KC, KM and KH).

A young pair of ospreys stay around Kielder, they attempt to build a nest but it falls out of the tree (a frequent occurrence on the first attempt).

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