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Nests round up

Nest 3 continues to host Ayle, the Nest 1A juvenile, in most of the footage. She seems more integrated, with less evidence that the adults regard her as an intruder when she is flying. Ayle was on and off the … Continue reading

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Number 3 for Nest 3

The third egg was laid on Nest 3 today. Early this morning there were still two when the female handed over incubation to the male. By 11.40 three eggs were visible but the recording is corrupted so no image, unfortunately. At … Continue reading

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Ospreyholics Holiday to Kielder

A guest blog from Karen Elizabeth who made a trip to Kielder at the beginning of the month with her friend Hawys.  Their visit just happened to coincide with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Osprey Watch Volunteer Season Induction/Work Meet. Visit … Continue reading

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Osprey Watch Report: 14 June 2014

Osprey Watch 14 June 2014 (Nest 1) In keeping with the football theme it was definitely a day of two halves! The morning’s weather was not good with a lot of rain, Mrs YA a bit neglectful of the chicks … Continue reading

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Disappointing news for humans, but the ospreys won’t mind!

Despite valiant efforts by the Forestry Commission Radio Branch to resolve issues with some of the kit providing the link from Nest 2 to Kielder Castle Cafe and the Boat Inn at Leaplish, all the problems will not be fixed … Continue reading

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Are they on the way yet?

It seems a long time since last September, when ospreys flying over Kielder Water were a daily treat. But the return home has started and there have been 3 reports of ospreys in England already, the earliest on 23 February. … Continue reading

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Last chance to visit Ospreywatch!

This weekend is the last for Ospreywatch. The youngster on Nest 1 has been flying for a week now, and none of the family are using the nest much. They are still mainly in the area immediately around the nest … Continue reading

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