The Osprey Watch at Kielder is run, for the most part, by volunteers.  However there are still costs associated with the project which will help protect these magnificent birds at Kielder.  Each year the nest platforms are maintained, nest cameras improved and the young are ringed.  At the watch itself there is the need to periodically replace telescopes, provide better watch facilities and help cover the costs of volunteers in getting to Leaplish to staff the watch and provide up to date information to visitors.

If you would like to donate to the Kielder Osprey Project please do so via the Northumberland Wildlife Trust donation page, choosing Kielder Ospreys in the drop down list.

Thank you for your support.

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  2. Peter Ferns says:


    Sorry to hear your sad news today. It is hard when you lose chicks especially when the public eye is on you. My thoughts are with you all,

    Kind Regards

    Peter Ferns
    The Real Wildlife Village

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