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Bamburgh is still at Nest 2, Blackaburn has probably left Nest 3

Yesterday’s post commented that Bamburgh may not have migrated, given her long absences from Nest 2. That has proved true, with a few brief landings this morning, and early evening presence eating a fish. No ospreys have been seen on … Continue reading

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Brief update

Data from all three ospreys arrived late in the day. UV and Archer are still in SW Portugal and NW Senegal respectively. Aln is travelling through Spain. Aln’s course will take her towards Gibraltar, the shortest crossing to Africa. But … Continue reading

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Well done, Aln

After no sightings on the nestcam of CN2 on Saturday, when 37 brought a large trout which Aln consumed over 2 hours plus during recording hours, it was all change on Sunday, another mainly wet day. At first Aln was … Continue reading

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Nest 1A camera

The nestcam stream is working again today, although it has been dropping out frequently. None of the youngsters has fledged. Amble loves the front edge!

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Nest 2: very sad news

A statement from Forestry Commission England follows. “We are very sorry to report that Alnwick, the young male osprey from Nest 2, was euthanised yesterday. Alnwick was fit and healthy when he was returned to the nest after ringing and … Continue reading

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Nest 2 ringing

The two chicks on Nest 2 were ringed today and had GSM/GPS trackers fitted. More details later. Fish being consumed by the youngsters as this is drafted.

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UV settled? Not yet

The last post about UV mentioned that he was spending much of his time in one area – so was he thinking of settling there? Almost as soon as the words were on paper, UV appeared to lose some interest. … Continue reading

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A Glaslyn male visits Kielder!!!

Today we had a brief view of an osprey landing on Nest 1. A blue Darvic ring on the right leg showed it was a half-brother to Yellow 37 and White YA. We’re thrilled to see 2015 Blue W0, a … Continue reading

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More on UV’s first day in Spain

UV arrived in Spain shortly before 07.00 UTC. Recently he has been flying non-stop for 8 or more hours but he had a brief pause shortly before 10.00 at the Embalse de Guadalcacin. This is an important site for the … Continue reading

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Sea change

The last few posts about UV described his quite settled existence. He has no fixed routine -spending different amounts of time in several places – but he uses familiar spots and he can sit for hours! Just like most over-wintering ospreys. On Wednesday … Continue reading

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