Nest 6 and Nest 1A updates

Nest 6 chicks experienced a much better day today, with 6 feeds from a large rainbow trout delivered by W6. Chick 1 (at the front) had a “good to see” large crop as chick 2 received another morsel.

a piece for chick 2
(c) Forestry England

Here’s a clip of part of that feed, press HD for best quality on clips.

Over at Nest 1A today, YA had just delivered the 4th fish of the day for his threesome as Mrs YA decided to feed from a leftover. YA tried to join in.

So many fish mean the odd casualty isn’t too important.

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A 3rd 2018 Kielder youngster seen in the county

When out in the Northumberland hills yesterday, David Dinsley saw and photographed his first osprey of the season. It was Kielder Nest 4 Blue 227, named Belling.

Blue 227
(c) David Dinsley

a crop of the ring
(c) David Dinsley

Here’s a photo from ringing.

chick 2, Blue 227
(c) Joanna Dailey

He was one of 2 male chicks for 69 and Mrs 69. This is the first return that has been reported of any of their chicks, so a milestone for them.

Many thanks to David for allowing us to share his photo. Lovely to see 227/Belling again!

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Quick update on Nest 6

Sadly, only two Nest 6 chicks – chicks 1 and 2 have been visible today. The nest cup is partly hidden, however in two morning meals, only chicks 1 and 2 sought food.

part of feed 2
(c) Forestry England

A sizeable part of the trout remains, and chick 1 topped up a while ago. Press HD for best quality.

Mrs W6 tends to stand far away from the cup when feeding. Chick 1 has managed to get almost out of it, at 4 days old, in an attempt to get nearer to the meal.

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Chick 3 for Nest 6 but no fish for hours

Chick 3 hatched about 18.45 today. It is probably the chick by the shell in the clip that follows. Press HD for best quality.

The two chicks that hatched today don’t need food immediately, which is just as well. W6 disappeared from camera view before noon and returned 5 hours later with a stick. Mrs W6 was not pleased, and off he went. Not seen since.

Chicks 1 and 2 were begging hard at 18.00. Chick 1’s last meal was at 08.45 today.

the chicks still beg strongly
(c) Forestry England

In hot weather hydration as well as food is important. Hopefully W6 has returned by now and the chicks are tucking in.

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Chick 3 hatches at Nest 1A. And chick 2 at Nest 6!

Chicks 1 and 2 on Nest 1A hatched under 14 hours apart. Chick 3 took over another 55 hours before making an appearance.

chick 3 lies behind the others
(c) Forestry England

In the following clip, you can see chick 3 moving in the shell as the siblings (nearer the camera) eat. Press HD for best quality.

A few minutes later and s/he was still trying to get out of the shell.

S/he looked exhausted later yesterday evening, but this morning was keen to join in a meal. Chick 3 is between the others.

The elder chicks ate well yesterday. Chick 1 – 3 days old – managed to scramble up the side of the nest cup to get nearer the trout.

chick 1 stretches out of the nest cup
(c) Forestry England

Nest 6’s chick 1 was fed by both parents yesterday.  This morning, a sibling hatched at about 09.40. The view into the cup is obscured by the front rim of the nest, but in this clip the new arrival can be seen as Mrs W6 flies off.

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Chick 1 for Nest 6

No shell was visible on Nest 6 this morning, as Mrs W6 sat tight on…? Finally, a glimpse into the cup revealed chick 1 had arrived.

chick 1 pops his/her head above the rim
(c) Forestry England

A short clip of a wobbly chick follows. Press HD for best quality.

A bit later, there was another view.

On Nest 1A there were still 2 eggs and 2 chicks a short time ago. And 2 part eaten fish, so plenty in the larder!

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Full house for Nest 4

Retrieved footage shows that chick 3 had hatched by 08.00 on 28 May. As s/he looked quite strong by then, it is possible hatching occurred after 18.00 the previous evening. Egg 3 wasn’t visible during the last segment of recording on 27 May.

egg 3 is obscured under moss
(c) Forestry England

Chick 3 was sleeping when the family received a few knocks from a stick, courtesy Mrs 69. Press HD for best quality clips.

69 feeds his chicks soon after they hatch, whereas generally females control feeding for a few days.

69 tops up the chicks
(c) Forestry England

The weather has been very good and is forecast to remain so for the next week. That’s great news for fish provisioning and opportunities to feed the chicks. Although sun and little wind means the water will be mirror like, and the chicks will need protecting from the power of the sun.

The chicks had a good meal late afternoon on Thursday. In the clip, chick 1 is sated at the front. For a few seconds!

69 brought a second large trout a bit later.

dinner arrives
(c) Forestry England

The chicks ate well yesterday too. 69 was in action again.

69 starts off a feed…
(c) Forestry England

…then Mrs 69 takes over for a 17 minute session
(c) Forestry England

Watch this space for hatching news on Nests 1A and 6. Today could see chick 3 for Nest 1A, and chick 1 for Nest 6.

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Chick 2 for Nest 1A

Nest 1A’s Chick 2 has hatched, probably early this morning. YA was on the nest as streaming began at 08.00, preening beside his mate. He went off soon after 08.30, possibly to forage. There hasn’t been a clear view of chick 2. S/he is resting after the effort of hatching. S/he is lying just to the left of chick 1 in this image.

two chicks hatched, two eggs remaining
(c) Forestry England

A short clip follows. It shows chick 2 moving after being swiped with some moss! Press HD for best quality.

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Chick 1 for Nest 1A. Honestly!

We don’t know whether the first egg on Nest 1A was laid later on 19 April or early on 20 April. If the latter, then today was day 38. An average hatch is 37 days from laying, but in Kielder Forest it is often later.

Chick 1 hatched late afternoon today. YA arrived at the nest when it was probably not quite out of the shell. He sees it hatching.

an intent stare
(c) Forestry England

Imagination may be required now! The cup is deep and the front edge of the nest is high. But in this clip, chick 1 can be seen moving. Press HD for best quality and the timer button can slow down the action if you wish.

By 17.58 the top part of the egg was at the side of the cup.

hatch well underway
(c) Forestry England

Mrs YA removed the rest of the shell at 18.26. It is unusual to see an osprey eating what is probably the inner membrane of the shell.

Just before that we had a glimpse of chick 1.

Nest 6 could have had a hatch today. Yet again, there is mostly no view into the cup. W6 incubated for almost the whole day, so perhaps tomorrow for them. And move some sticks, please!

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Chick 2 for Nest 4, and a bit about Nest 5A and 7L/Aln

Downloads collected from Nest 4 show that chick 2 hatched before 08.00 on 26 May.

Mrs 69 moves the chick 2 shell
(c) Forestry England

Chick 1 had fed again the previous evening.

more trout!
(c) Forestry England

On 26 May no feeds were seen during the four hours of footage. But yesterday there was a breakfast fish and another in the afternoon. Press HD for best quality on clips.

69 is one of the rare males who feeds the females at times. This season is no different to previous ones.

a morsel for Mrs 69
(c) Forestry England

Egg 3 hadn’t hatched by 16.30 yesterday, but there is still plenty of time.

Over at Nest 5A, UV and his mate are about 21 days into incubation of their unknown number of eggs. The female is ringed Blue PC8. She is a 3 year old from Loch Ard Forest, near Aberfoyle.

UV supervises PC8!
(c) Forestry England

UV was incubating yesterday afternoon.  But PC8 was keen that he went off for some fish.

In Scotland, 7L/Aln is apparently enjoying exploring lochs in the Highlands. And small watercourses – ‘allt’ in Scottish Gaelic.

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