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More on Nest 1A ringing

On an overcast and midge-ridden morning at Nest 1A, the chicks were health checked and ringed. YA was on perch duty as the small team approached. He and Mrs YA flew around the area, alarm calling. The chicks obeyed the … Continue reading

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Nest 1A ringing

The three chicks were ringed this morning, two females and a male. All healthy and good weights. More later!

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Progress on Nest 3

Chick 3 on Nest 3 has been eating well from the evidence in video clips over the last few days. It is still smaller than would be expected given the roughly 48 hour intervals in the eggs hatching. Chick 3 … Continue reading

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Growing youngsters, and a bit about UV

The chicks on Nests 1A and 2 are looking more like young ospreys every day. They have been getting used to walking round the nests and beating their wings, albeit with some ‘rain stops play’ interludes. Like yesterday, all day. … Continue reading

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Nest 3 news

In the last post about Nest 3 (16 June) we included an image of a very underdeveloped chick 3. There’d been a gap in recordings and with only 3 hours of recording a day – at best – it isn’t … Continue reading

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Last week, until the weekend,  it was wet every day at some point. Then we had several days of hot and sunny weather. In rain or heat chicks tend not to do much – shelter, feed, sleep and preen sums … Continue reading

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UV settled? Not yet

The last post about UV mentioned that he was spending much of his time in one area – so was he thinking of settling there? Almost as soon as the words were on paper, UV appeared to lose some interest. … Continue reading

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