First fledge for the Nest 6 parents

Yesterday was extremely wet until mid afternoon in Kielder Forest. As soon as the rain eased off a bit, 218/Druridge, who had been helicoptering well for 3 days, got into action.

Both she and 219/Dilston had a few more flaps, then 218/Druridge decided it was time to fly.

first fledge for Nest 6
(c) Forestry England

The video…

She fledged at 60 days old.

She wasn’t seen again before the nestcam went off, but she was lying in the nest this morning. And was soon up wanting some food!

I’m hungry
(c) Forestry England

There were a few scraps on the nest, but W6 hasn’t brought a top up at the time of writing, 13.00. Fishing conditions are difficult in strong blustery winds, but YA has supplied a large trout to Nest 1A, so hopefully for the Nest 6 duo lunch will arrive soon.

Whilst waiting 218/Dilston has had a few flights. She has landed well – here is an example, as she returned just as Mrs W6 was asking an intruder (unseen on camera) to leave the area.

There are still four young ospreys to fledge in Kielder Forest. 219/Dilston seems nearest from his ability to helicopter, but 217/Derwent on Nest 1A shouldn’t be too far behind.

Little exercise has been seen during monitoring of Nest 7.

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5 Responses to First fledge for the Nest 6 parents

  1. Deborah Bates says:

    Finally! These two have got one to fledging stage! They will probably go on to found a dynasty now


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  2. Cirrus says:

    Hoorah and well done Druridge . The weather hasn’t helped at all. Glad you were back in the nest for breakfish. Have to say, I think Dilston is a very appealing looking Osprey. Thanks Joanna

  3. Mike Simmonds says:

    Good to read of the success her. Thank you Jaydee.

  4. Starling says:

    Thank you Joanna for the news.. So pleased for this pair and well done Druridge!

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