A 3rd 2018 Kielder youngster seen in the county

When out in the Northumberland hills yesterday, David Dinsley saw and photographed his first osprey of the season. It was Kielder Nest 4 Blue 227, named Belling.

Blue 227
(c) David Dinsley

a crop of the ring
(c) David Dinsley

Here’s a photo from ringing.

chick 2, Blue 227
(c) Joanna Dailey

He was one of 2 male chicks for 69 and Mrs 69. This is the first return that has been reported of any of their chicks, so a milestone for them.

Many thanks to David for allowing us to share his photo. Lovely to see 227/Belling again!

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5 Responses to A 3rd 2018 Kielder youngster seen in the county

  1. Cirrus says:

    Yes indeed, thank you David and be sure to visit your natal next Belling just to let the folks know you are around. Thanks Joanna

  2. Sal Lloyd says:

    The “B” year seems to have been a very fruitful one :-))

  3. Marilyn says:

    How marvellous what a handsome bird

  4. This is great thanks.

    Brilliant to see the bird closeup from it’s ringing.

    Many thanks, David

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