Full house for Nest 4

Retrieved footage shows that chick 3 had hatched by 08.00 on 28 May. As s/he looked quite strong by then, it is possible hatching occurred after 18.00 the previous evening. Egg 3 wasn’t visible during the last segment of recording on 27 May.

egg 3 is obscured under moss
(c) Forestry England

Chick 3 was sleeping when the family received a few knocks from a stick, courtesy Mrs 69. Press HD for best quality clips.

69 feeds his chicks soon after they hatch, whereas generally females control feeding for a few days.

69 tops up the chicks
(c) Forestry England

The weather has been very good and is forecast to remain so for the next week. That’s great news for fish provisioning and opportunities to feed the chicks. Although sun and little wind means the water will be mirror like, and the chicks will need protecting from the power of the sun.

The chicks had a good meal late afternoon on Thursday. In the clip, chick 1 is sated at the front. For a few seconds!

69 brought a second large trout a bit later.

dinner arrives
(c) Forestry England

The chicks ate well yesterday too. 69 was in action again.

69 starts off a feed…
(c) Forestry England

…then Mrs 69 takes over for a 17 minute session
(c) Forestry England

Watch this space for hatching news on Nests 1A and 6. Today could see chick 3 for Nest 1A, and chick 1 for Nest 6.

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3 Responses to Full house for Nest 4

  1. Starling says:

    Wonderful news Joanna. Those chicks must be tougher than they look :)

  2. Cirrus says:

    Phew, great dad or not my heart was in my mouth for a mo when 69 came in with that stick !! Congrats to Mr and Mrs 69 and another feather in your cap Kielder . Thanks Joanna

  3. thehutts says:

    Great news. Thanks Joanna.

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