Chick 2 for Nest 1A

Nest 1A’s Chick 2 has hatched, probably early this morning. YA was on the nest as streaming began at 08.00, preening beside his mate. He went off soon after 08.30, possibly to forage. There hasn’t been a clear view of chick 2. S/he is resting after the effort of hatching. S/he is lying just to the left of chick 1 in this image.

two chicks hatched, two eggs remaining
(c) Forestry England

A short clip follows. It shows chick 2 moving after being swiped with some moss! Press HD for best quality.

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1 Response to Chick 2 for Nest 1A

  1. Cirrus says:

    Excellent – many congrats Mrs and YA . Great news Joanna . TWO eggs left ? where was I when that was going on – memory not working too well.

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