Still on holiday

We received a welcome email with data for 201/Chirdon today – the first since 11 March. There’s much missing data, but it is clear she is spending some of her time at a RAMSAR site, Tinkisso. The information sheet (in French) fleshes out the basic site description.

Paul has made a graphic showing the site boundary.

courtesy Paul McMichael

The river and wetlands on the plains are mostly around 400m ASL – rather a change from the almost sea level elevation 201/Chirdon was used to in The Gambia. The temperature will be about 30°C, several degrees lower than The Gambia in the last month or so.

Cell tower coverage in that part of Guinea must be very limited given the recent absence of data. Although we have only partial insight today, 201/Chirdon appears to be fine as she explores her new surroundings.

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2 Responses to Still on holiday

  1. M Simmonds says:

    Thank you Jaydee and Paul. As long as she is safe.

  2. Cirrus says:

    Great to hear she is still doing well. Thanks very much Paul for the graphic. Thanks Jaydee

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