UV again!

Just over a week after photographing UV in his wintering grounds in N Senegal, Jean-Marie Dupart saw him again yesterday morning.

UV perched on a Baobab tree
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

You can just see the antenna of UV’s GSM/GPS transmitter. Then UV took off and flew around the area, revealing the transmitter itself.

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UV returned to his perch after a couple of minutes.

that’s enough exercise for a while!
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

As ever, we are very grateful to Jean-Marie for his photographs. He has just returned from a trip inland following the course of the Senegal River. Several posts about the interesting places he explored are on his website.

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7 Responses to UV again!

  1. Vivien Finn. says:

    Great to see UV on his wintering grounds again. Thank you Jean- Marie Dupart for the photos!

  2. Mike Simmonds says:

    Thank you Jaydee. Greta to get these updates.

  3. Cirrus says:

    Thank you once again Jean-Marie and Joanna. What an encouragement to see UV again. Roll on March 2019

  4. Jo says:

    Thank you so much for more views of the lad Jean-Marie … how incredibly fortunate you are …. and thank you Joanna for the news.

  5. Sal Lloyd says:

    Well, have just caught up on 3 months worth of Kielder Osprey news, and what a read!
    Joanna, you are indeed a prolific blogger, always quality and always something meaningful to say, and thankfully more good news than bad.
    I am overjoyed at the news of Aln checking in once again and look forward with not a little trepidation to her journey “home” to Kielder next year or even the year after. God willing she will have a smoother flight than her first migration, exciting though it was.
    Great sightings of UV in his winter habitat is the cherry on the cake. I think he and Jean-Marie must have a special connection and UV must be the most photographed bird on the planet!
    Great things to come for the new narural and man-made nests I feel. The eventual pairings will be so interesting, exciting and dynamic and may well teach everyone things even the experts did not know about Ospreys. Watch this space…..

    A very Happy Christmas to you all, soon the days will be longer and Spring wiil be upon us in a trice. Can’t wait!

    • joannadailey says:

      Hi Sal, thanks for catching up with the (sometimes old) news.
      We hope you have a great Christmas too, and like you we’re looking forward to the next season.

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