UV is seen again. Briefly!

Jean-Marie Dupart saw UV early today – 07.50 UTC. Just before he set off towards the Senegal River mouth. Here are Jean-Marie’s photographs, showing the blue ring on the right leg (first photo) and the GSM/GPS transmitter (flying shots).

UV leaves to head for the river
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

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Now UV’s transmitter is not working, it is wonderful to receive news of him, and Jean-Marie’s photos – and the time he devotes to UV – are very much appreciated.

The area that is UV’s winter home, and the city of Saint Louis to the north, is suffering from severe coastal erosion. Jean-Marie’s photographs here and here show damage this week. World Bank funding for remedial work may help slow the impact, but people and wildlife are threatened.

Unsurprisingly, we didn’t receive any more data from 7L/Aln in Mauritania today. Occasional insights from there are also much valued.

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2 Responses to UV is seen again. Briefly!

  1. Cirrus says:

    It is indeed wonderful to receive news of him. Thank you Jean-Marie Dupart and you too Joanna for sharing.

  2. Jo says:

    SupaDupa UV news and pics again ……. you’re spoiling us Jean-Marie ;-) Thank you – and as always – Joanna …. news of the lad is always very welcome …… but distressing news of the coastal damage – especially that of the village ……

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