First photos of UV back in his wintering grounds

2014 Nest 1 male Blue UV’s GSM/GPS transmitter failed in May this year. There were a few records of him over the summer, but we have received no news since August of his whereabouts until today. Then…

UV is spotted!
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

Jean-Marie Dupart, who photographed UV in the Langue de Barbarie area of northern Senegal a number of times last winter, has been looking in known favourite spots for several weeks. Today, his diligence was rewarded, and he saw UV perched in a favourite Baobab a little way inland. Jean-Marie was a long way from the tree, but his photos show the antenna and/or transmitter and also the right leg blue ring.

a closer shot
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

UV shows his blue ring
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

UV in flight
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

ring visible again
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

last photo – this time!
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

We are extremely grateful to Jean-Marie for continuing to look for UV, and wish him further successes!

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4 Responses to First photos of UV back in his wintering grounds

  1. Jo says:

    What absolutely super news Joanna …. thank you so much Jean-Marie – wonderful pics of the lad. So very pleased he’s safe and well …… WooHoo!!!

  2. Jillian says:

    Excellent news-keep safe.

  3. MaryGK says:

    What wonderful news Joanna, to know he is safe and well enjoying his wintering grounds. Looking forward to him popping in to see you at Kielder next season. A big thank you to Jean Marie for his perseverance in finding him for you (and us) 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    This is wonderful news! So good to know he is safe, and look forward to the summer, and hopefully, a sighting at Kielder.

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