Day trippers

Nest 2 had a visitor from over the Border yesterday – Freya (Blue NH0), the young female who has been bonding with Samson at Border Ospreys.

Freya explores Nest 2
(c) Forestry Commission England

Regular readers may recall 2 year old Freya had a few touchdowns on Nest 1A on 5 July. She has been seen at Samson’s nest since then, and went home last night. Under 2 hours after being at Nest 2, she was seen by Rosie on the nest and Samson was nearby. Here is a clip of part of the 10 minute presence on or near Nest 2. Press HD for best quality on all videos.

37 has also been on a day trip. He’s brought the first flounder caught on camera this season.

first flatfish seen in 2018
(c) Forestry Commission England

The Solway Firth is nearer Nest 2 than the Tyne estuary, so that area is the likeliest source.

Post-fledging is the period the juveniles build up their reserves for migration, as well as develop their aerial skills. When a fish comes to the nest chaos can reign!

The first juvenile known to have left the nest carrying a fish is Byrness from Nest 1A.

Byrness escapes for a peaceful meal
(c) Forestry Commission England

Nest 3 footage will be downloaded tomorrow. Hopefully at least one juvenile will have fledged successfully.

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1 Response to Day trippers

  1. KeithR says:

    Hope she was just being inquisitive. Samson and Freya look a good bet for next season.

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