An interesting visitor on Nest 1A and other Nest 1A news

Fortunately, a couple of misty mornings have provided enough moisture to partially clear the camera lens. Mrs YA wasn’t happy to see an uninvited caller on Thursday. She made 3 brief landings on the nest.

Blue NH0, Freya, from a nest near Jedburgh
(c) Forestry Commission England

The nest that is streamed to Born in the Borders restaurant lost the female, Delilah, at the start of the season. Blue NH0, who hatched in 2016 at a nest in Ross-shire, has replaced her. She has recently been named Freya. She is bonding with the male, Samson, but isn’t breeding this year. She has time on her talons to check out neighbours! Kielder Water is about 20 miles from the nest site, no distance to an osprey. Here are a couple of clips of part of the 7 minute intrusion. Press HD for best quality.



Did you notice a chick helping Mrs YA tell the intruder to go away?

Life is mainly very peaceful on Nest 1A, with little exercise of the growing wings. Chick 3 tends to be the most active of the threesome.

showing the bigger siblings what s/he can do
(c) Forestry Commission England


The feather development is markedly greater on the ‘2 days older’ chicks.

chick 1 builds up an appetite whilst the others eat
(c) Forestry Commission England



There’ll be updates on the other 3 nests over the weekend.


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4 Responses to An interesting visitor on Nest 1A and other Nest 1A news

  1. Rosie Shields says:

    Come back here, Freya and stop annoying the neighbours! Border Ospreys.

  2. Jo says:

    Gosh they’re coming on ……. thanks Joanna …… Was just a weeny bit hoping when I saw your update heading ;-)

  3. Cirrus says:

    Heart in mouth during the first video, it looked tike the chick might go over the nest edge with the intruder – brave little sould helping mamma out..

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