All action and no action

37 was almost “all action” for over an hour this morning, but he had a rest now and again.

an early break
(c) Forestry Commission England

37 cleared the debris from the inside of the nest and brought a couple of sticks in. One didn’t stay long! Press HD for best quality.

37 flew away shortly before 10.00 and was next seen on Nest 1A.

37 on brother YA’s nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

When the ospreys first return, they usually explore the forest, and especially the other nest sites. Neither 37 nor EB were seen back on their own nest by 17.30, although they could have been in the area. A lack of nestcam action all afternoon!

The check on Nest 3 today found only one bird on the nest.

a male crossbill on the front edge
(c) Forestry Commission England

There is a some change to the nest, but no major sign of a resident preparing for the season. The two sightings of an osprey foraging could have been the same bird. The poor weather yesterday afternoon in particular could have encouraged a migrator to stop for the night. Or perhaps there were two migrants. We’ll never know.

Although the weather won’t be as sunny tomorrow, it should stay dry. We hope to see more ospreys claiming their nests.

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