An arrival in the rain

When the nestcams began streaming to Kielder Castle today, it was a delight to see White EB perched on the edge of Nest 2.

a welcome sight
(c) Forestry Commission England

She wasn’t present at 20.00 last night, so must have returned to her nest early this morning.

The forecast is heavy rain for most of the day. We hope her mate Yellow 37, and the other Kielder breeding birds who are usually back by now, will follow soon.

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10 Responses to An arrival in the rain

  1. P. Gilson says:

    Great news. Can’t wait to visit at the end of June. Always the highlight of my summer seeing the Kielder Ospreys.

  2. Christine says:

    Brilliant news let’s hope they come back safely and bring the warmer weather too!

  3. KeithR says:

    Was excited when I heard she was sighted in The Somone Lagoon in Senegal in November and even more excited she starts another season at Kielder. Pretty much to form sitting on her nest when the cam started streaming. Think this is how we welcomed her last year just a day earlier. Yellow 37 Haste Ye Home.

  4. Jackie Green says:

    So, it begins! Great news

  5. Jo says:

    The party’s started ………. WooHoo !! …….. So very pleased for you all at Kielder :-)

  6. Cirrus says:

    Precious EB , Welcome Home and mya yellow 37 be home to greet you very very soon

  7. Great to see EB back again. And so – off we go for 2018….

  8. Sal Lloyd says:

    And so it begins….. and what better way than with EB :-)
    All the best for a great season!

  9. joannadailey says:

    Thanks Sal, and UV is heading north too!

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