No sightings at Kielder

The nestcams for Nests 1A and 2 began streaming to Kielder Castle again late yesterday. And started up this morning, a relief after more overnight snow.

Nest 2 showing the effects of the weather
(c) Forestry Commission England

The nestcams have recorded all day today. Heavy snow lying on the fells started to melt in rain. Then, within the last few of hours, no rain or snow. What a novelty!

Some of the Scottish webcams showed snowy nests today – or snow on the hills nearby -but not all. Why do the nests at Kielder experience significant snow when ones much further north show none, or less?

Obviously one answer is that a weather front may bring snow to N England, but not further north. Another reason is elevation. The Kielder nests are between 300m and 400m above sea level. Loch of the Lowes, where both LM12 and LF15 have returned safely from migration, is c100m ASL. Loch Garten, where EJ is waiting for a male, is c230m ASL.

Height matters too!

The Kielder ornithologist hasn’t seen a sand martin nor heard a chiffchaff, very unusual at this date.

Tomorrow will be wet again, but Thursday should see sunshine. The wait continues.

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4 Responses to No sightings at Kielder

  1. Jo says:

    Checked your weather at 6 this morning …….. ;-(

  2. KeithR says:

    Trust the next surge of favourable weather will bring home some of your birds. Not great tomorrow Central and North Scotland but relief after Thursday.

  3. Vivien Finn says:

    Waiting with you, Joanna!

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