UV update – with his photo, taken today!

Latterly, UV has been spending much of his time in a small area near Pilote Barre lighthouse in northern Senegal. Our friend Jean-Marie Dupart has made several visits to the area over the last few days. This morning, he saw UV!

UV and a small fish
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

There is a lot of Saharan dust being carried out to sea by strong easterly winds at the moment, so UV has quite a golden glow! It is wonderful for us at Kielder Ospreys to see a photo of him, our thanks to Jean-Marie. He has taken some photos of the area, too. Here is the beach near the lighthouse.

Pilote Barre and the beach
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

On Google Earth, it often looks as though UV is sitting offshore from Pilote Barre. This is one of his recent foraging trips. Pilote Barre is just above the top of the image.

After flying around, UV homes in on a ‘hotspot’

Another image shows over 24 hours of UV’s activity in the area. The stars are all perches.

not sandbar perches

What looks like a group of sandbar perches for UV is actually now part of the beach top left of the first image. Jean-Marie estimates it has extended c500m since the Google Earth photo was taken in April 2017, and has sketched the changes. The photo icon is on Pilote Barre’s site, centre of the image.

courtesy Jean-Marie Dupart and Google Earth

The current is depositing sand in the northern part of the area shown on the map, but tides are destroying the end of the Langue de Barbarie National Park (Jean-Marie’s land reduction at the bottom of the image).  This is a consequence of cutting a breach through the Langue de Barbarie in 2003 to reduce the risk of flooding for the city of Saint-Louis.

Here are a couple more photos from Jean-Marie.

looking south towards the Langue de Barbarie National Park from Pilote Barre
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

a sandbar off Pilote Barre
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

a lovely setting sun
(c) Jean-Marie Dupart

It is always special to see up to date photos of overwintering areas, and even more so to see the osprey in question. Many thanks to Jean-Marie for his dedication.

Finally, there hasn’t been any more data from Aln. This is not surprising as in the Banc d’Arguin National Park there are only 2 GSM towers. Both are in the far south, over 90 km from Aln’s location on 16 December. Those few so important fixes may be all we receive for many months.

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7 Responses to UV update – with his photo, taken today!

  1. Jo says:

    Jean-Marie – thank you so much for news of the lad. So pleased he’s safe and well. You can’t imagine how jealous I am and Joanna, thank you for the update and for mentioning Aln too ….. it would be nice of her to send the occasional postcard home ;-)

  2. Mike Simmonds says:

    Thank you Jaydee, Paul and Jean-Marie.

  3. Cirrus says:

    Thank you so much, Jean-Marie. Great to see him. Thanks Joanna

  4. Jo says:

    Couldn’t find anywhere else to post this but just wanted to say thank you all so much for a wonderful year of blogs, graphics, photos and webcams ………. I hope 2018 is a happy and peaceful osprey-nest-filled year for you all …….

  5. Vic Paine says:

    Many thanks to JM for his phots and time spent on UV, much appreciated.

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