UV update

UV received a few brief mentions in early November – he was mainly loafing in his wintering grounds in coastal northern Senegal. Since then, he has had a couple of trips inland to a canal he visits occasionally. He turned round and flew back to the coast after, at most, a few minutes there. On one journey he was flying at over 1000m ASL for several fixes, and over 400m ASL for much of his excursion. Some high flying offshore has been a feature of his recent days.

low over the popular foraging area after a high approach

The cluster of fixes near the 13.45 dot is over an area UV has favoured of late. The water will be shallow there – you can see sandbars on the Google Earth image above – so fish should be easily spotted. But UV has also been making repeated trips to just past a shelf in the Atlantic Ocean.

offshore, but back to the ‘hotspot’

Where the shallow water meets deeper ocean the ample food sources at such current margins are likely to support plenty of fish. UV may be watching birds, or even marine creatures, foraging there. But, for the most part, he seems to catch his own meals nearer shore.

UV may have changed his preferred foraging area over the last couple of days. A ‘health warning’ first. There are few fixes until about noon at the moment. The weather has been partly cloudy and UV’s relative inactivity also reduces the frequency of ‘pings’ to satellites. He could have exhibited similar behaviour to that shown in the above images during the mornings. But he has concentrated on the river in the afternoons.

a sandbar can be seen where UV perched

The satellite imagery on Apple maps is slightly more recent than the April 2017 Google Earth pane.

courtesy Apple maps

UV had been foraging just below the northern part of the Langue de Barbarie (left on the image) until 23 November. Yesterday, as on 23 November, he was attracted to the area arrowed. This photograph shows the view of the river from the edge of the trees on the island of Doune Baba Dieye.

February 2017
(c) Joanna Dailey

UV would have been over the river at the left hand edge of the photo.

Unless there is news meriting a post, there will be one or two updates a month over the winter.

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7 Responses to UV update

  1. Jo says:

    Good to know the boy is safe and well Joanna – Thank you for the update …. if only they could write journals ;-)

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Many thanks for this update Joanna. He’s doing good!!

  3. Gerry Valliere says:

    Footloose and fancy free….as it should be. Thanks for this update and look forward to reading what’s yet to come.

  4. Christine harker says:

    Thank you for the updates,they are a real sunny spot during these cold days at Kielder! Looking forward to your posts and to UV’s explorations

  5. Cirrus says:

    Good to have more news of UV Joanna and I look forward to any more news of him in a few weeks time.

  6. Starling says:

    Thank you for the update on UV. I hope you will have time over the winter for a well earned break before it all starts again next year :)

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