Brief update

Our friend in northern Senegal, Jean-Marie Dupart, spent 8 hours in Archer’s territory yesterday. There is no still no news about her whereabouts. There’ll be a post tomorrow with photographs of the habitat and information from Jean-Marie. We are very grateful to him for his efforts.

There was no data from Aln yesterday, nor today so far. This is not surprising given she was poised to cross the High Atlas range. Cell towers will be few and far between. The absence of data does confirm Aln carried on migrating, rather than stop at the Barrage Bin El-Ouidane which was just SE of her position yesterday morning.

To end this post, a treat. Chris Wood has shared more footage of 2016 Nest 2 Blue Y6 at Tanji Bird Reserve last week. The first clip shows Y6 on the tree where Chris made the i/d, the second from a nearer perch she flew to.

Enjoy, and many thanks to Chris. Press HD for best quality, footage © Chris Wood.

got enough videos now?!
(c) Chris Wood


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5 Responses to Brief update

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks for the super vids and pic Chris and many thanks to Jean-Marie in his attempts to find Archer. Much appreciated. Thank you Joanna for the update.

  2. Gerry Valliere says:

    So great when man and beast are in the right place at the right time. Enjoyed the footage, Chris.

  3. Sal Lloyd says:

    Lovely :-)

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