UV: about turn!

Yesterday, UV travelled down to the southern Portuguese coast, apparently intending to cross to Africa. Then turned around.

track to 15.00 UTC

UV was flying around the Barragem de Corona, and the river, from about 08.00 to 09.40 UTC. Fixes are fewer at that time, but he didn’t seem to catch a fish. He left the area and headed to a nearby reservoir, the Barragem da Daroeira.

a possible catch consumed on a tree nearby

UV was perched from 10.49 to 11.25. It looked like a fairly normal day at this point, but when he left Daroeia he became much more purposeful. By the time he reached the Barragem de Monte Rocha, UV was using thermals to gain height, a strategy he repeated as he flew south.

up to 1200m above the terrain

courtesy Paul McMichael

At 14.16, UV was 900m above the terrain and nearing the coast. He dropped to around 150m over Armação de Pêra as he curved around.

turning away at 14.37

The winds offshore were favourable for a crossing until a couple of days ago. As UV set out from the Alentejo yesterday, he couldn’t know that over the Atlantic Ocean easterly winds funnelling through the Strait of Gibraltar would have made a 24 hour long crossing very hard work.

Tomorrow, the forecast indicates the winds will be light and from a better direction for southward migration.

courtesy Paul McMichael

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2 Responses to UV: about turn!

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks Joanna … we’ll see …… and Paul thank you for the graphics …… :-)

  2. Cirrus says:

    So, UV is waiting for a weather window? Thank you both for the news and the graphics

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