Aln: heading towards decision time

As the earlier ‘overview’ post showed, Aln has made her way through SW Spain to the coast – almost. Her recent short flying days have taken her over some mountainous terrain.

across the southern part of the Sierras de Cazorla

During the early afternoon of 29 September, Aln was flying over 1700m high mountains. Not the highest in the Sierras, but Aln could have skirted the range to the west if she had preferred. She started to follow the Rio Guadalentin soon after 13.00 UTC, and stopped near the point it flows into the Embalse de la Bolera.

steep hillsides beside the river

She spent the rest of the day there, gradually heading south into the reservoir.

perching in the water at times

The bottom red ‘fix’ – actually quite a few – shows the water level is low, as in most southern Iberian reservoirs.

On 30 September, Aln didn’t leave the area until almost 10.00.

mainly following rivers

She had frequent short pauses as she travelled down the river valley.

many pauses

Aln reached the Embalse de Negratin (top middle of the map) just before 13.00. She didn’t stop there.

no stopping

Aln changed to a more southerly course when about 1000m above the terrain at 13.31, and flew parallel to the the Rio Baza, then picked up the Rio Gallego near Canilles. She crossed the western part of the Sierra de Baza, where the mountains are mainly 1200-1800m ASL.

Once over the mountains and back to cultivated land, Aln was able to inspect an irrigation tank. She didn’t stop there, but carried on to a road for late afternoon and her roost.

courtesy Street View

This morning, Aln was away by 08.20 and followed the Rio Andarax towards the coast. The last fix was at 09.42. She was 400m above the terrain and under 10 km from the sea, considering her options.


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3 Responses to Aln: heading towards decision time

  1. Cirrus says:

    Doesn’t seem that Spain has much to offer Aln !

  2. Jo says:

    I think she’s taking her time – mooching – discovering – and hopefully remembering ….

  3. Sal Lloyd says:

    No. 14 from Lake District Osprey Project seems to have taken a similar route down the East Coast of Spain according to his latest website report. 28th September saw him crossing the Med from Murcia, Spain to Melilla, North Africa, not far from Nador as mentioned in the last blog. He is a very experienced flyer, so hopefully bodes well for Aln if she chooses this lengthier sea crossing, weather permitting.

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