Aln: cliffhanger time

Today’s data arrived early, with Aln apparently pondering her next move.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Usually, juvenile ospreys either travel 300 km or more most migrating days, or they use a staging post. Forestry Commission Scotland are tracking 8 juveniles, 7 of them had, or are still having, long stopovers. Aln has taken a day out occasionally. She flew 95 km on 29 September, 93 km yesterday. As the distances and track above suggests, she is more in ‘explore’ mode than ‘migrate’, and certainly not ‘stopover’.

This morning, Aln was in an area which is built up on the coast. She’ll have to fly west to find good osprey habitat in the mountains.

Or cross to North Africa. The winds are easterly over the Alboran Sea directly south of her, funnelling through the Strait of Gibraltar about 275 km to her west. They will strengthen over the next couple of days. If she attempts to cross today, she will have a sea journey of about 165 km to the nearest point, a peninsula. By the city of Nador lies excellent avian habitat, Mar Chica, a lagoon just inland with Ramsar status.

a ferry from Almeria to Melilla

Data tomorrow is likely to be late in the day. There’ll be another post about Aln’s recent travel later.

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One Response to Aln: cliffhanger time

  1. Cirrus says:

    Nice not to necessarily have a time table. Enjoy your journey Aln, just make sure you make the sea crossing in good flying weather.

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