UV in SW Portugal

UV has been checking out reservoirs in SW Portugal since the afternoon of 21 September. Many readers will be aware of the drought that has affected parts of Iberia and especially southern Portugal. This article in the Toronto Star describes the severity of the situation.
The graphic in a Portuguese article shows details of the low levels in the reservoirs fed by the Rio Sado – the area UV is inhabiting.

UV must be finding fish, or else he would continue his migration. He arrived after a stopover in Brittany, so will have substantial reserves.

On 25 September, UV visited the Barragem de Fonte Cerne, one of the fuller reservoirs.

under half an hour at the reservoir

He checked out the area near the dam before heading west and gaining altitude (apparent by the gap between the track and the fix) and heading north. He flew low over a small unnamed reservoir before reaching the Barragem de Corona – a popular place last year.

no foraging towards the shallower end of the reservoir

This reservoir is fed by the Rio Corona, which is a tributary of the Sado. UV spent even less time there, but was back the following day.

still at the deeper end

UV spent most of the day there. Here is one foraging trip.

perch circled

UV’s perch suggests the water level is beyond that point, although he could have been on a tree stump or rock.

The weather conditions are reasonable for onward travel. Last year, UV was in SW Portugal from 23 September to 4 October, but he hadn’t used Brittany as a staging post. It’ll be interesting to see when he heads south once more.

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One Response to UV in SW Portugal

  1. Jo says:

    Good to hear that the lad is safe and well Joanna – thank you :-)

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