Aln: recent travel. And stops!

The last detailed post about Aln left her roosting just west of Barcelona on 24 September. She’s left Catalonia since then, and yesterday afternoon was moving gradually further away from the coast on her SW course.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Paul’s choice of a topographical map for the overview graphic highlights the different terrain Aln has seen during the last couple of days.

On 25 September, at first Aln hugged the coast as she flew SW.

from coast to mountains

Aln encountered mountainous terrain before she was inland.

mountains almost down to the sea

The circled fixes are one of Aln’s episodes of gaining uplift from thermals. She would have seen the rising ground ahead. At the top of that section of flight she was around 840m above the terrain. The peaks she was about to encounter are around 600m ASL, so Aln would have known she wasn’t going to face a major obstacle.

She’d set out early for her – 07.57 UTC – but paused her migration at 12.15 to perch by the Rio Ebro, the longest river in Spain.

courtesy Street View

She sat further along than can be seen from the nearest road, but the above image shows the scenery around her.

Aln flew on at 12.54 and didn’t stop until 17.17 at her roost area near Ribesalves.

courtesy Street View

The orange lines are Aln’s track to her roost near the top of the hill. Not the prettiest of views for her!

She was near the Embalse del Sichar, a dam built for irrigation and hydroelectricity. The Rio Mijares is the source of the water in the reservoir. The next morning, Aln spent some time at both.

courtesy Street View

Aln’s first couple of perches were towards the rear of the gravel banks. Then she gradually moved east.

over three hours by the reservoir or river

The final fixes in the area are in trees above the river and south of her roost.

Aln eventually flew away at 10.14. She took a couple of short breaks on her way to Albacete and beyond.

More on yesterday when we have additional data.

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