Aln: to Barcelona

Aln remained on the Riu Ter near her roost until 10.30 UTC on 24 September. She then flew almost due south to reach the Mediterranean Sea at Barcelona.

back to the sea

Aln chose valley travel for the most part, flying west of Les Guilleries, a massif with some peaks of 1200m and rich flora and fauna.

By 12.47 she was beyond the highest ground and at 600m above the terrain would have seen Barcelona – and the sea – ahead. She carried on to a point just offshore at 13.22.

the orange line is Aln’s track to just offshore

One look was enough. Aln spent the next couple of hours or so over Barcelona and conurbations.

plenty of landmarks to store

The star on the image is the offshore point. Aln then had a close look at the seaport and airport, circled above.

low and slow over the seaport

The next area of interest was the river that reaches the sea between the two ports. A busy area!

river, motorway, railway lineE

El Llobregat is the 2nd longest river in Catalonia at 170 km. Aln perched on an islet briefly, centre of next image.

courtesy Street View

Then she flew north, possibly searching for the best route over the hills to the west of Barcelona. She roosted on the edge of those hills.

It may have been a relatively low mileage day – 110 km – but Aln is learning all the time, and registering landmarks for the future.


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3 Responses to Aln: to Barcelona

  1. Vic Paine says:

    She’s certainly exploring thoroughly wherever she goes, goodness knows what she makes of the cities and conurbations she’s flown over.

  2. Jo says:

    I do admire her determination and decision handling ……..

  3. Cirrus says:

    Golly, she seems uncertain about the Med. Wish she’d try a flight high enough to see the land the other side. Keep safe youngster and keep yourself fed.

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