UV’s activity on 10 and 11 September

The image of UV’s route on 10 September shows he stayed quite near the west side of the Cotentin Peninsula after his landfall at Cherbourg.

mainly by the coast

There was a fix at exactly 09.00 UTC  over the outer harbour wall at Cherbourg.

a familiar place

UV flew around Cherbourg and perched on the inner harbour wall in June 2016 on his first return migration. He would remember the port.

As you can see from the track, UV turned west, and soon his course was parallel to the coast, then along it from 11.20-12.30, before moving slightly inland. An hour later he was back over the waves, seemingly foraging off Hauteville Plage. He had a brief perch on a sandbar.

thinking of sandbars in Senegal?

By 15.00, he was flying inland. He had a couple of pauses in woodland before his final perch for the day, a roost site in trees along a field edge. He’d travelled 245 km in the day – modest considering that figure includes his Channel crossing of 106 km.

Yesterday he covered just 57 km, as he headed slowly west.

a short day’s travel

He arrived at his destination by 10.30, a lake he had flown over last Spring, but not explored.

three potential foraging trips around the lake

The Étang de Boulet is a recreational lake, but also a protected SSSI and Natura 2000 site. It lies within the Forét de Bourgouet. UV’s fixes are nearly all  away from the southern part of the water, the more heavily used part. If you read the link to the Étang, you’ll see that some specimen Carp of 23 kg and more have been caught there – a bit above UV’s capability!

In between his flights over the water, UV perched in various patches of woodland nearby. One of these became his roost.

UV perched and roosted far down this ride
courtesy Street View

UV moved away from this area during the early hours. He spent the remainder of the night in a band of trees along a field edge south of the lake.

There’ll be more on how he spent 12 September when we receive all the data.


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