Slow progress for UV

UV has been making slow progress since crossing the Channel early on Sunday.

courtesy Paul McMichael

On 10 September he flew 245 km, including the Channel crossing. Yesterday he covered just 57 km.

Today, as you can see, he was west of Rennes and flying into a headwind.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Paul sums up:-

“This morning (Tues) UV has given us a good example of how important are the “learned” migration routes from previous seasons, to adult ospreys… It would have been much easier for UV to have steered south through central France, where he might well have encountered more benign weather. But no – his favoured route is the western flyway down the coast and, ultimately, he wants to reach his favourite staging area in southern Portugal. To get over to the flyway, he is prepared to spend this morning battling into the teeth of a freshening westerly wind, using the “fly low, fly slow” strategy to avoid consuming too much energy. It may take him until tomorrow evening to reach more familiar territory around Saint-Nazaire on the coast. We know that this move is eventually going to pay off for UV on Friday morning, when the wind is forecast to come round into the north – exactly what he needs to make better progress.”

There’ll be a later post on what UV did on 10 and 11 September.

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3 Responses to Slow progress for UV

  1. Jo says:

    Still a learning curve …… for him and for me ……. Thank you Joanna and Paul

  2. Cirrus says:

    Thank you Paul. It’s good to understand all that. And encouragaing tool

  3. Tiger Mozone says:

    Very interesting to see an experience osprey making the choices he does.

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