Aln: overview and more

This is an overview post with a difference – detail. Aln’s data today reveals that she stopped short of the Lincolnshire coast yesterday afternoon. She flew 233 km, mostly in under four hours after a normal ‘stop, start’ few km and a similar end to her day.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Today, Aln’s course was fairly direct apart from the reverse U shape on Paul’s graphic. It looks as though she was heading out over the North Sea, thought better of it, then had another look before heading ESE/SE. There’s a different explanation.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Could that vessel in the Wash be identified? Yes! Research of shipping records found Aln landed on the Sea Riss. Her track, speed and docking time match Aln’s fixes.

entering Boston Haven on a summer’s day
(c) RichardCD/

Boston to Dunkirk is a regular route for the cargo ship, but today she was headed for King’s Lynn to the east of the Wash, as Paul’s graphic shows. We can’t find photos of her there.

Boston again, the skies were probably more like this today in the Wash
(c) Ray Scott/

At this stage in her life, Aln would think a vessel was a good perch, not a moving object (7.8 knots average in this case).

Tomorrow, the winds will be strong from the west. Although Aln was only around 200 km from Belgium at her last fix, she is likely to be in East Anglia for a while longer.

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4 Responses to Aln: overview and more

  1. Jo says:

    Gosh ……. such information!! Thank you both :-)

  2. thehutts says:

    Great analysis of the data. Thanks. Sally

  3. Sal Lloyd says:

    What an adventure this bird is on, and not yet even left our shores.
    I hope and pray she is managing to feed herself along the way, it appears it may be a prolonged trip.
    Thanks so much for the amount and regularity of information you are making available to us on the blog re: all three trackings. It’s compulsive reading!

  4. Gerry Valliere says:

    I don’t travel much or very far, and am content to do so vicariously with these fascinating fliers. What an adventure. Thanks you so much for the details.

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