More on UV’s migration

Today’s data arrived early. UV had set off on the next stage of his migration, but it is likely that we won’t learn about the rest of today until late tomorrow.

We have the full data for yesterday, and it shows UV travelled 360 km from near Longtown in Cumbria to a woodland roost north of Gloucester.

southward bound

UV passed Windermere to his right, flew over Blackburn and was west of Stoke on Trent by 15.00 UTC.

He stopped on a tree at a field edge at 18.40 before finding his final roost spot.

Today he set off early. His first fix away from the roost site was near Stroud at 06.07, where he was seen and reported as an osprey sighting to BirdGuides.  He was then spotted at Slimbridge, flying down the Severn. Times on the image have been converted to BST to link in with the sighting reports – details are only available to subscribers.

UV was seen at Stroud and flying along the Severn

UV’s last position was north of Bristol. His course was taking him towards Bournemouth, but with the wind he may drift eastwards. Eyes to the skies!

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4 Responses to More on UV’s migration

  1. Cirrus says:

    Wish I could look up and spot you UV

  2. Jo says:

    Exciting to know that people are reporting his presence as well as being able to follow his journey graphically …… Thank you so much for his updates Joanna and Paul.

    • joannadailey says:

      The reports didn’t mention a ring or antenna, Jo, so the people wouldn’t know it was such an important osprey 😉

      • Jo says:

        ‘Twas the same with FK8 over Bardsey last year ….. it was when I queried the sighting that the timing was confirmed. That *was* exciting!

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