Nests round up

Nest 3 continues to host Ayle, the Nest 1A juvenile, in most of the footage. She seems more integrated, with less evidence that the adults regard her as an intruder when she is flying. Ayle was on and off the nest in one long clip. No adult tried to escort her away, or prevent her landing. The male is delivering plenty of fish.

Archer and Ancroft eat, Ayle stretches
(c) Forestry Commission England

Usually, the youngsters feed themselves. But sometimes the female takes charge.

Ayle is fed by the female
(c) Forestry Commission England

Archer’s data has revealed she is flying rather further from the nest than the first few days after fledging, when she stayed very close by. She was over the shore of the reservoir on 6 August, and near it yesterday lunchtime.

Radio and Electronics Branch have partially repaired Nest 1A’s camera streaming. This is all that can be done for the few remaining weeks of the season. Some days there is no local stream at all, on others it works intermittently for a few hours. Ayle hasn’t been in any of the footage, although the nest is often empty. Only Amble, the eldest  of the three juveniles, has featured along with the adults. A fish has been delivered by YA twice during recording, and only Amble has eaten. Whilst it is odd that Acton hasn’t appeared on either occasion, more footage will aid an assessment.

There have been intrusions, including a visitor from Nest 4. Press HD for best quality.

Another clip showed Blue FR1 taking a look at the nest when it was unattended.

Blue FR1 checks Nest 1A
(c) Forestry Commission England

He didn’t stay long. The next day he was at Derwent Reservoir on the Northumberland/County Durham border. A roaming young male osprey, like UV. Many thanks to Gary for sharing photographs and details.

Blue FR1 with a dead stick
(c) Gary Nicholson

Both FR1 and an unringed female (on different days) have brought sticks to a dead tree used as a perch, and dropped them haphazardly. Nest building practice?

unringed female with a stick
(c) Gary Nicholson

There are regular sightings at the Reservoir. A nest in the area must be a possibility over the next couple of years.

Nest 2 has been more peaceful in the last few days, although there have been intrusions. Notably UV last night! An unringed intruder landed on 6 August, and possibly the same one tried to remove Aln the following day.

an unringed intruder tries to dislodge Aln
(c) Forestry Commission England

Aln is absent from the nest more often. Her tracker has recorded an outing almost 5 km away from the nest and she is extending her range in all directions.

Nest 4 has experienced at least one intrusion most days. But there has been plenty of opportunity for the two juveniles to gain flying experience.

Alwinton leaves for another bit of flying practice
(c) Forestry Commission England

We haven’t seen her on another nestcam yet, though – she needs to catch up with her brother!

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