A hectic few hours for Nest 2

Yesterday’s post about intrusions on Nest 2 on 1 August ended with a comment about them continuing yesterday. Over 5 hours, 4 intruders spent time on the nest. CN2, the Dumfries and Galloway male, was the most persistent. He was joined by a newcomer to Kielder and 2 known ‘offenders’. The new arrival was the first to be seen on the nest.

Blue FR1 arrives
(c) Forestry Commission England

Blue FR1 was photographed at Derwent Reservoir recently. He is a 2 year old from Perthshire. When UV was at Tindale Tarn in May, Blue FR1 was there for part of the period.

He moved a few sticks then flew off. After that, the skies around Nest 2 became very busy.

Paul has made this video, which condenses over 12 minutes of ‘highlight’ footage into just over 5 minutes. You’ll get the flavour of the comings and goings!

In addition to CN2, FF1 and FR1, an unringed female also joined in. Press HD for best quality on embedded clips.

You can see ospreys flying around in that clip. During most of the intrusions there were ospreys in the sky at some point, but not near enough to identify. Some of the mantling was defensive behaviour but at other times it was more submissive, as during courtship.

37 and EB were possibly trying to escort some of the visitors away, but on the nest only Aln was seen until 12.45, when 37 arrived with his fish. CN2 was not submissive towards Aln.

There was a similar incident later.

CN2 clips Aln as she tries to stay on the nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

Today was much more peaceful for Aln. The data from her GSM/GPS transmitter shows she has taken a number of flights away from the immediate nest area. She has coped well in difficult situations. We look forward to following her migration.

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