Final fledges

Footage retrieved from Nest 3 has revealed the final two Kielder juveniles have fledged.

Archer fledged on 28 July between 08.00 BST and noon. She was 59 days old. The likeliest time for her departure from the nest is around 10.30. At the equivalent of 10.31 there was a fix – which Paul considers accurate – about 50m from the nest. (Many fixes are not in the correct position when the ‘object’ is stationary.)

In both the 1 hour recordings later that day Archer was absent from the nest.

No Archer on the nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

The 3rd juvenile is Nest 1A’s Ayle.

It wasn’t until Sunday’s footage that we saw Archer flying.

Archer returns from a short flight
(c) Forestry Commission England

Since then, she has had a few flights. But the frequent rain has inhibited her – and the other fledglings – from gaining experience.

The final youngster to fledge was Acomb. The maiden flight could have been this one, on 30 July at 07.55.

first flight?
(c) Forestry Commission England

As can be seen from the first 2 images, Ayle is still spending plenty of time at Nest 3. There are some extremely interesting recordings. Another post will cover the behaviour later today.

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One Response to Final fledges

  1. KeithR says:

    Great to see them all airborne. I was watching the young fledged birds at LOTL today and already one of them was diving fully into the loch. They learn very fast.
    Soon we will be counting them all out and hope one day we will count them back in.

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