Developments on Nest 3

We left the overview of Nest 3 last Wednesday afternoon, with Nest 1A juvenile Ayle apparently the dominant youngster and at ease on the nest. Off the nest she was probably never in that position. However, we have no footage in that period of her flying to and from the nest. Now, we have examples that show the adults are trying to prevent her landing, despite treating her as another mouth to be fed when on the nest. On 27 July Ayle took off on what, presumably, she intended to be a short flight. The resident juveniles flattened and an adult could be seen chasing Ayle away from the nest area.

an adult chases Ayle
(c) Forestry Commission England

Ayle tried to return to land, the adult had other ideas.

the chase continues past the nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

Yesterday there was a more dramatic pursuit by an adult for over 7 minutes. Paul has condensed the action into this video.

Once a juvenile has settled on the nest, then the adults responses are the same as for their own offspring. But in the air it is a different matter.

Even on the nest Ayle isn’t as dominant as she was a few days ago. She had established very quickly that she would not allow a fish to be taken from her. This clip shows a typical early reaction. It is the adult female, not a juvenile, who is rebuffed. Press HD for best quality on clips.

The day after Archer had fledged, Ayle is eating from quite a fresh fish. Yet doesn’t resist when Archer makes a move for it. Excuse Acomb for getting in the way!

Developments over the next few days will be interesting to observe.

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2 Responses to Developments on Nest 3

  1. Ann Norman says:

    This makes fascinating reading! Great clip. The reactions to a young newcomer being quite different when on- & off-nest seems odd at first but perhaps understandable for an established resident osprey family. Will be looking forward to the next episode!

  2. Jo (@jw4926) says:

    Yes …. how I would love to be up there with you sharing this and discussing ……

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