Loch lover

On 24 July, UV travelled to Scotland, covering 132 km. An animation by Paul is the best way to appreciate his journey, with course changes usually following some higher flying.UV concentrated on exploring several lochs, rather than forests or rivers.

The first was in early afternoon.

looking for fish or ospreys?

This video shows an osprey with a catch at the Loch earlier this year.

Next was St Mary’s Loch.

a little look at the narrow point

This image shows the area UV investigated for a short time.

courtesy Street View

Most readers will be familiar with Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire. There is a loch of the same name right next to St Mary’s Loch.

a not so well known Loch of the Lowes

UV concentrated on the south end.

courtesy Street View

There are plenty of photos of both St Mary’s Loch and Loch of the Lowes here.

UV’s final destination wasn’t really a loch, but a large reservoir, Black Esk. UV had flown down the west side in early May. This time the east found greater favour for several hours.

plenty of perches for UV

In this undated aerial photo you can see UV’s perching areas on the far shore.

He headed off south and after roosting in Scotland was back in the Longtown area the next day.


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  1. Jo says:

    Fabulous ……. just fabulous, Paul and Joanna …… thank you both so much!

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