Action again!

UV had been having a quiet time recently – partly weather induced by several wet days. The solar powered battery on his GSM/GPS transmitter was low as a result, and this could have hidden a few outings.

However, on Tuesday UV had a busier day. He travelled to Kielder for the first time in a while – visit 13 since he arrived back from Senegal. It was a brief visit, with a couple of calls each for Nests 2 and 4, but only a single wave of his wings at Nest 3. As usual, he didn’t fly near his parents’ nest. On his first pass quite near Nest 2 EB was preening on the edge of the nest. There was no sign from her that she was aware of another osprey. He may have been just over a ridge, so not necessarily a lack of vigilance by EB to blame.  Later, it was a different story. Down she came from the nestcam.

EB encourages UV to fly on
(c) Forestry Commission England

EB flew after UV, who carried on into Scotland and perched in a favourite area not far from the border.

At Nest 4, 69 responded to UV’s presence in his territory.

69 sets off to escort UV away
(c) Forestry Commission England

The same happened later in the afternoon. The nestcam didn’t show UV at either nest, so ‘unknown intruder’ would have gone on the record without the data.

UV ended the day near the Solway Firth. On Wednesday, he spent some hours at or near the coast before heading inland. By noon (BST) he was arriving at Tindale Tarn, where one of the RSPB Geltsdale staff spotted ‘an osprey’. Not any old osprey, though!

UV only spent about 15 minutes – apparently foraging – before moving on. However he returned in the afternoon. This graphic shows his activity at the tarn. We know he caught a fish during the 14.51/14.55 UTC forage (triangles marked) because the RSPB saw him have a success and take his meal to his favourite tree.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV roosted in an oft used spot, then returned to Tindale Tarn this morning. His presence today was reported to us by the RSPB minutes before we received data.

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3 Responses to Action again!

  1. M Simmonds says:

    Good to know he is doing well. Jaydee and Paul.

  2. Cathy says:

    Lovely news Jaydee. He is a cheeky chappy

  3. Jo says:

    Thank you Joanna ….. love good news :-)

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