Nest 4 ringing

The chicks on Nest 4 were ringed today.

close up and personal
(c) Paul Pickett

two handsome chicks
(c) Paul Pickett

It is quite hard to believe that the much downier chick on the left hatched under 24 hours after her sibling. But chick 2 weighs 1540g, whereas her older brother measured 1300g on the spring balance scale.

Chick 1 was given the Darvic ring Blue 8L. After his BTO and Darvic rings were fitted he proved to be a poser.

Look at me!
(c) Joanna Dailey

he’s quite a dark male
(c) Joanna Dailey

He has been named Aydon, which is a village near the River Tyne and Corbridge in central Northumberland. Aydon Castle is a 13th century fortified manor house run by English Heritage.

Aydon’s sister, ringed with Darvic Blue 3L, will be known as Alwinton. Alwinton is a village named after the River Alwin. It is in north Northumberland and is a popular destination for walkers exploring the Cheviot Hills.

Alwinton with her new ring
(c) Joanna Dailey

another angle
(c) Joanna Dailey

Here are a couple of videos of them back at home. Press HD for best quality.


69 was flying away from the nest area, and some distance from it, as the ringing team drove in to the site. He didn’t appear during the ringing process. About 15 minutes after the team left the area 69 arrived back.

straight to the fish
(c) Forestry Commission England

The youngsters enjoyed an early lunch!

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2 Responses to Nest 4 ringing

  1. Jo says:

    What lovely pics of two super chicks …… thank you Joanna and Paul. Aydon *is* a handsome boy – I shall look forward to them returning. Long lives and safe travels to them both.

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Lovely photos and blog Joanna, Thank you. I’m pleased that the ringing went well, the close up of the chicks in the video was a treat to see.

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