Nest 2: very sad news

A statement from Forestry Commission England follows.

“We are very sorry to report that Alnwick, the young male osprey from Nest 2, was euthanised yesterday.

Alnwick was fit and healthy when he was returned to the nest after ringing and tagging on Friday and nestcam footage showed that this was the case for the remainder of the day.

 On Saturday he had an increasing problem with his right wing. Ordinarily we would not intervene in natural events, but in this case, it was judged appropriate to investigate his injury further.

 We decided to climb the tree to examine the severity of his injury and found Alnwick had an open fracture by his carpal joint, the ‘elbow’ on his wing.

 He was taken for assessment in Kielder by an external expert and his fracture wound was found to be infected. It was an injury that he wouldn’t recover from and it was decided that the best thing for his welfare was to put him to sleep.

The osprey expert Roy Dennis has seen closed fractures of the carpal joint in pre-fledge ospreys previously, but Alnwick’s was an infected open fracture and much more severe than those that he had seen before.

 We have reviewed the nest camera footage, which covers 12 hours of the day, but we could not identify a likely cause for his injury making it very difficult to ascertain how it happened. We will continue to monitor the nests and other ospreys closely.

 Forestry Commission England

This image is how we will remember Alnwick.

(c) Forestry Commission England

Aln is well and was fed this morning despite yet another very wet day.

There will be an update on Nests 1A and 4 later, where all the ospreys are fine. Nest 3 will be visited soon.

UV called at Tindale Tarn again yesterday amongst other places, nothing else of interest to report on him.

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7 Responses to Nest 2: very sad news

  1. Jackie says:

    Sad news

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    Such very sad news indeed. My thoughts are with all at Kielder Ospreys. How sad for this young osprey to have sustained this injury. I am saddened at your loss. :(

  3. Ann Norman says:

    So very very sad to read of Alnwick. What a tragedy now, after all the ups and downs at Kielder this season. Makes it especially hard not being able to discern what or when it must have happened. My great sympathies to all there.

  4. Terry Stock says:

    So very tragic. Just shows how vulnerable these young birds are. Big hugs of sympathy to all at Kielder.

  5. Jo says:

    My thoughts are with you all at Kielder ….. thank you for letting us know Joanna – it must’ve been difficult for you all …. and thank you for taking the decision to investigate and relieve the lad’s suffering …..

  6. Pamela Hobson says:

    such a shame they are lovely birds

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