A new approach

As part of its wider role, the Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust works to enhance visitors’ appreciation of the wildlife. ‘Living Wild at Kielder‘ is a Heritage Lottery funded project aiming to increase opportunities for people to experience and learn more about the natural world.

Katy Cook, Kielder Living Landscape Manager, describes an initative flowing from the project. “This year, we have decided to give the chicks local names. All of the 2017 chicks will have names beginning with ‘A’. In 2018, the chicks will have names beginning with ‘B’ and so on. We hope that this will help the Kielder Osprey Project appeal to a wider audience who may be able to identify more closely with named individuals.

The chicks on Nest 1A, ringed earlier this week, have been named Amble (Blue Y9) , Ayle (Blue 8P) and Acton (Blue 6P).”

Amble is a small town on the estuary of the River Coquet, where ospreys are sometimes seen on migration. Ayle is the name of a village and burn in the North Pennines. Kielder ospreys often migrate along the line of the hills. Acton is a hamlet and burn of the same name, also in the North Pennines.

Katy took some lovely photos of the Nest 1A trio at ringing. Enjoy!

a parent monitors proceedings on – and below – the nest
(c) Katy Cook

Amble’s feather development
(c) Katy Cook

Ayle awaits her Darvic ring
(c) Katy Cook

Amble at the front, Ayle behind
(c) Katy Cook

Acton at the rear as the youngsters ‘play dead’
(c) Katy Cook

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7 Responses to A new approach

  1. Tiger Mozone says:

    Fantastic pictures and a great compliment to the webcam.

  2. M Simmonds says:

    Thank you Jaydee. Great to have the names and the ring numbers. Super shots of the chicks.

  3. Jo says:

    Lovely pictures Katy …. and an excellent visitor initiative ….. the ‘lad’ will always be Blue UV Joanna ;-)

  4. thehutts says:

    And we have ‘Splash’ at Foulshaw Moss – named by a school girl in a competition in the early days of the project. Oh and Bracken that was seen back at Derwent Reservoir in County Durham named by another school boy in a competition the following year. Sally

  5. Terry Stock says:

    Wonderful pictures and lovely names for your beautiful Osprey chicks.

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