Growing youngsters, and a bit about UV

The chicks on Nests 1A and 2 are looking more like young ospreys every day. They have been getting used to walking round the nests and beating their wings, albeit with some ‘rain stops play’ interludes. Like yesterday, all day.

This morning the Nest 1A trio engaged in some light exercise.

chicks 1 and 2 flap their wings
(c) Forestry Commission England

This clip shows all 3 demonstrating their skill. Press HD for best quality.

This video contains clips from the couple of days pre-rain.The Nest 4 pair are nearly a week behind Nest 2. Eating, sleeping and preening are still their main activities.

chick 1 turns away, full
(c) Forestry Commission England

Mrs 69 is still finishing a feed before at least 1 chick has reached ‘full’, even though there is usually a reasonable size piece of fish left. Feeds tend to be under 20 minutes long compared with double that or more on the other streamed nests.

Away from the nest action, UV was at Kielder on 21 and 22 June. He arrived via a long pause in Wark Forest, east of Kielder. On arrival at Kielder Water and Forest Park he paid less attention to the nests than usual, although Nest 2 did witness a fly past.

UV, in the sky to the right, has interrupted tea
(c) Forestry Commission England

UV roosted nearer Kielder Water than he has previously, and possibly ate breakfast by the reservoir.

UV flying over Leaplish Bay, perching in the trees at Whickhope Inlet

Leaplish Bay is north of Kielder Waterside Park, where Osprey Watch is sited. UV was too early and on the wrong day for that event, sadly.

His perching places on the north side of Whickhope Inlet would have been visible to people using the c200 road.

UV was perched on the far side of the Inlet
courtesy Street View

Although not present there every day, UV is still spending some time at Tindale Tarn. RSPB Geltsdale staff haven’t seen another osprey in the area when UV has been by the tarn, but they’ll keep looking!



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One Response to Growing youngsters, and a bit about UV

  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the update, the youngsters are growing up lovely. UV is enjoying his bachelor days.

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