Cracking visitor photos!

We’ve received some lovely photos from a couple of visitors to Kielder, taken in very dfferent locations.

The first two photos were taken by Richard from Co. Down. He was in the bird hide along Forest Drive. For those who don’t know Kielder Water and Forest Park, the Drive is a forest track which links Kielder to the A68. The bird hide overlooks a pond, grassland and Kielder Burn. In late afternoon Richard saw an osprey catch a fish in the burn and eat it on a tree.

Osprey, Kielder
(c) Richard Moore
Bangor, Co Down

Osprey, Kielder
(c) Richard Moore
Bangor, Co Down

Richard’s photos and description of the event are very interesting. The osprey is likely to be one of the ‘floaters’ we see intruding on the nests. The forehead and deep chest markings are similar to the female who has intruded at Nest 4 a few times. The area she (probably) caught the fish is about 4 km from the shallow end of the reservoir.

The other photos kindly sent to us are from Gareth, who was on the first of the Calvert Trust/NWT motorboat cruises on 11 June. The weather was showery and windy but the guests on the cruise saw four ospreys foraging at the same time. What a treat! Here are Gareth’s photos. The ones in the slide show were taken within a few seconds of each other, an action sequence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slightly later
(c) Gareth Nixon

You can see the blue ring on the left leg. This is probably the result of that foraging!

69 arrives with a fresh catch
(c) Forestry Commission England

We’re very grateful to Richard and Gareth for allowing us to share their photos on the web.

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2 Responses to Cracking visitor photos!

  1. Ann Norman says:

    Great photos and very interesting to have the map too. What a cruise!

  2. Jo says:

    How good to see what the visitors might be doing between nest visits ….. Brilliant pics!

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