Life on Nest 2 recently – after a brief Nest 4 update

N2 has had short shrift in recent blogs, with eggs hatching in the last week on Nests 3 and 4 and the tale of chick 3 on Nest 4 dominating.  About an hour ago, the rain stopped. There was a ‘scrag end’ and some skin on Nest 4. Chick 1 ate a couple of mouthfuls, courtesy 69, whilst Mrs 69 finished the skin. The other two chicks were weak, but we’ve seen that before over the past few days. A new fish will help. Come on, 69!

Now we’ll try and make up for the absence of Nest 2 ‘news’.

By 3 June the 3rd egg on Nest 2 had become an object on the nest and wasn’t always incubated.

EB ‘sort of’ broods but doesn’t incubate
(c) Forestry Commission England

The pair on Nest 2 are now into their 3rd week and starting to leave the reptilian look behind them. Here’s a slide show of the chicks’ development each day over the last 5 days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Usually sibling rivalry ceases at about 10 days old. It was dying down on Nest 2 but several wet days have re-ignited the flame. The problem isn’t a poor supply of fish but the rain preventing regular feeding. As a result, the chicks are going longer without eating than their previous experience.

tempers fray
(c) Forestry Commission England

After EB landed and tried to brood chick 1 took her on, too. Press HD for best quality on all videos.

On wet days there have been no intruders, but in dry weather they are still around. In this clip one is chased away. (Contrast EB’s action with her merely watching UV fly by recently.)

You’ve probably noticed a recent blurry area on the camera lens. Yesterday was very windy. Twice, a chick relieved itself and the wind caught the stream, sending it onto the camera. The adults also suffered from a shower that wasn’t rain!

The prolonged spells of heavy rain should be behind us for at least a few days, although most days will have showers. The downpours  haven’t been as problematic for the older Nest 2 chicks as the much younger ones on Nests 3 and 4, but they have still had an impact.

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2 Responses to Life on Nest 2 recently – after a brief Nest 4 update

  1. Jo says:

    Interesting behaviour resulting from less feeds …… feisty little devils! Have to confess to checking your weather radar more than a couple of times today ….. Thanks for the update Joanna ….

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