UV – at Kielder again, and more

The last update on UV was just over a week ago. Since then he’s spent many hours in a relatively small area either by water or a short distance away in an area of some timber blocks but also clear fell after extraction. So, having said he hasn’t shown signs of establishing a territory is he doing just that? And has he found a female?

A visit to see him yesterday – his official 3rd birthday – proved very useful. In case he is planning to settle there we won’t name the area, but it appears more likely that he has been enjoying a quiet time in the good weather, loafing around as he does so well. And occasionally foraging.

looking for fish?
(c) Joanna Dailey

No other ospreys were seen over the day. The places UV sits in the wood/clear fell are not suitable for building a nest but are fine for perching.

On Saturday, although he spent a short time at his new ‘hot spot’, he travelled 132 km in the day including a visit to Kielder. As usual he flew by the active nests but didn’t linger near any. The expected reactions were caught by the nestcams.

an unseen (by the nestcam) UV 
(c) Forestry Commission England

69 mantles at UV, again unseen on footage
(c) Forestry Commission England

At Nest 2, UV rather rudely interrupted lunch. Press HD for best quality.

EB is used to him now – no mantling or alarm calls – but she sheltered the chicks until he’d flown out of sight.

UV went west of Kielder Forest into Scotland and perched for a while in spots he has used before and east past Kielder Water along a stretch of the North Tyne before heading away to check on other possible fish sources. Such behaviour reinforces the interpretation that he is still a ‘bachelor boy’ – like most three year old male ospreys.

Tomorrow there’ll be a nest update covering the last few days. The weather has been very wet today, so not much action. But the Nest 2 and 4 males have caught fish and snatched meals have been taken by the chicks. Look at the Nest 2 pair tonight, not short of food!

the ‘reptilian’ stage
(c) Forestry Commission England

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One Response to UV – at Kielder again, and more

  1. Stevie says:

    Hi Joanne thanks again for the update(s). Hopefully everything and everyone has survived the deluge today. Is there any further news or update as to when we might hope to see pictures from nest 1A?

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