No more hatches yet

We’d hoped to have a couple of hatches today. The 3rd egg on Nest 2 was laid about 38 days ago. Usually the last egg hatches at 35-36 days but we’ve had longer intervals at Kielder. On Nest 4, egg 1 is shortly to reach the 38 day point so a little behind the average 37 day hatch.

The weather this morning was wet and the forecast is for a bit more rain later. Perhaps the eggs will hatch in the window. It was wet on Saturday too. 37 stood beside EB, raindrop dripping from beak.

37 shares the ‘pain’ of incubating in the rain
(c) Forestry Commission England

He’s tried to feed EB again but she is still having none of it. Press HD for best quality on all  clips.

At the moment 37 is out of favour because he finished a Brown Trout in front of EB.

EB is not amused
(c) Forestry Commission England

Earlier EB had eaten only about half a dozen mouthfuls before rain meant she had to return to the chicks and egg. She flew off immediately after 37 swallowed the tail.

Chick 1 is none the worse for the somersault. Both chicks are doing well, they are eating for up to 19 minutes although mostly EB stops at around 8 minutes.

EB will reach behind a chick to make sure the one at the rear is fed. Despite that, there is some sibling rivalry, entirely normal at this stage.

sibling rivalry
(c) Forestry Commission England

Chick 1 is getting quite mobile.

Recently Nest 2 has been less beset by intruders than Nest 4. A male was undeterred by 69 and Mrs 69’s joint efforts to repel boarders!

a bold pale male lands briefly
(c) Forestry Commission England

69 continues to provide a good supply of fish. This one was welcome after Mrs 69’s long stint incubating in the rain.

Whilst this post was being drafted 69 arrived with a trout. Mrs 69 was very reluctant to leave her eggs – was a hatch imminent? After about 30 minutes she stood, took the fish and flew off. So ‘no’ is the probable answer!

no sign of a hatch
(c) Forestry Commission England

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One Response to No more hatches yet

  1. Jo says:

    Joanna … thank you for a very entertaining blog ….. 37’s look after the chick’s somersault says it all!

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