First hatch for Nest 2

Sometime between 20.00 yesterday and 08.00 this morning the first chick hatched on Nest 2, bang on time. Here it is, peeking towards the camera.

a little poser

Initially this morning a shell was visible.

how is the chick?
(c) Forestry Commission England

EB flew off at 08.51 and we had our first sight of the chick. Press HD for best quality.

37 didn’t stay, as soon as EB returned he was off.

There have been more views of the hatchling and it looks fine. Later today it will probably have a few bites of trout, the staple diet at Kielder.

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3 Responses to First hatch for Nest 2

  1. Jo says:

    Congratulations to all …. not least EB and 37 :-)

  2. Cirrus says:

    Wonderful to hear and see the little one

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