More excitement on Nest 4 than Nest 2!

This afternoon egg 1 on Nest 2 reached the 37 day milestone, when most hatch. But not all. Early in the day EB moved one of the bits of bark obstructing our view of the nestcup area. At one point we could see two of the eggs for the first time in a couple of days.

at last, eggs in view
(c) Forestry Commission England

But more sticks, bark and moss arrived during the next few hours.

the nest won’t win Tidiest Nest of 2017!
(c) Forestry Commission England

At 16.00 EB, who had been poking around at her feet every few minutes, suddenly flew off and returned within seconds. This clip shows her just after returning to the nest. For all videos press HD for best quality and apologies for slight freezing at times.

Was a chick starting to emerge from an egg?

Shortly before 17.00 37 arrived with a trout and EB flew off with it.

This behaviour suggests a hatch was not imminent. But it could happen before the nestcam stream stops at 20.00. News tomorrow!

At Nest 4 there was rather more action today. The morning was relatively quiet. 69 brought Mrs 69 a trout.

Mrs 69 departs with lunch
(c) Forestry Commission England

She hadn’t been back on the eggs long before an intruder caught her eye. Over the next 40 minutes there was plenty of action. In this clip 69 is chasing one of the intruders behind the nest.

A little later three ospreys were visible to the right of the screen although not all in one frame together. After a short lull Mrs 69 was watching the sky again.

None of the intruders came near enough the nestcam to determine if they were ringed but it was an exciting time.

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