Before covering the subject of this post there’s some disappointing news about the Nest 1A webcam. The camera stopped streaming yesterday and web coverage may not be possible for a couple of weeks or so. We can confirm YA and Mrs YA are fine. Let’s hope they have four healthy chicks when we can look into their nest again.

On Sunday human visitors to Kielder and also birds made the most of the last sunny, warm and dry day of a sustained spell. Avian intruders upset the peace on Nests 1A, 2 and 4 on and off throughout the day.

an unidentifiable intruder osprey
(c) Forestry Commission England

Mostly the birds – some may have been buzzards or crows – causing concern to nest occupants were either distant or unseen. We know from UV’s data that he was responsible for about a third of these – but not the one above.

As on his three previous visits to Kielder this year UV’s interest in nests encompassed Nests 2, 3 and 4.  Nest 2 came first and initially EB was watching him fly around the area. Press HD on all clips for best quality.

Then UV had the audacity to perch on the nearby tree that housed the original nest for four minutes!  EB decided to chase him off, here she is about to take off.

EB about to fly towards the old nest tree
(c) Forestry Commission England

UV wasn’t around Nest 3 during a recording slot. On Nest 4 Mrs 69 took a relaxed approach, merely observing him as he flew by, unseen by the nestcam.

Although UV checks out the nest sites at Kielder his behaviour elsewhere was more interesting. For the first time this year he perched for up to 30 mins or so in several areas of Kielder Forest, all some distance from the reservoir. He perched in some of these areas last year. Mostly they are characterised by sparse Sitka Spruce trees giving UV good views of the surrounding areas.

This activity does not mean he is close to establishing a territory. Yesterday, in the poor weather, he was hunkered down west of Kielder Forest. He didn’t return today.

The overview of his activity since reaching northern England suggests he still has no ‘home’ territory. Not quite 3 years old, still a bachelor boy, no surprise.

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3 Responses to Intruderfest

  1. Jo says:

    Pleased UV is still around and enjoying his freedom ….. How laid back is Mrs 69 ……….. Thanks Joanna for the update ….. sorry about the webcam. Let’s hope it’s good news when normal service returns …….

    • joannadailey says:

      Us too, Jo. Last year we didn’t have nestcam coverage of Nest 1A until the chicks were up to 10 days old or so, such a wonderful sight when we saw them. We hope it will be the same this year

  2. Cirrus says:

    Such a shame about nest 1 A cam Joanna – still, we’ll all get to see the (4) chicks eventually – and it’s excellent news about UV’s roamings; he certainly likes the area.

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