UV continues through Spain

Today’s data update about UV’s migration came at lunchtime. He’s travelling through Spain but not at pace – yesterday he covered just 227 km in around 8 hours of flying. Here’s his route.

turning right!
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

There’s a distinct change of direction late yesterday, so what happened?

UV had his normal ‘stop-start’ beginning with a couple of short flights before he set off in earnest around 08.20 UTC. This was his modest first move.

a stretch of the wings

UV’s course was NE until soon after 10.00 when he changed to a more easterly direction. He wasn’t flying at the elevations or speeds he achieved in Africa. Before too long he decided on a break.

an eight minute break

The reservoir is stocked with several fish species but UV pressed on. He continued NE, generally no higher than 800m above the terrain below which was a mixture of agricultural and hillier areas.

By 13.20 he was flying east of Toledo and his course was NNE. In the late afternoon he picked up the Rio Tajo (River Tagus), the longest in the Iberian peninsula at 1007 km. His course altered to follow the river eastwards. He stopped at 16.41 and explored several possible roost sites over the following couple of hours before plumping for a view from a hillside beside the river.

roost with a view

Today UV set off – after the usual stutters – just before 09.00. He was curving towards a more northerly direction until about 10.00 when he turned east again. That way lies the area he spent several weeks exploring last Spring after his arduous journey in Africa. Is that where he is going again? If so, for how long? During the first half of his migration he had seemed focused on returning to the UK but his travel in Spain has been less pacy. Time will tell what UV is planning!

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One Response to UV continues through Spain

  1. Jo says:

    Excellent news that he’s safe and well. Half of me is disappointed that he’s not hurrying homeward – the other half is delighted that he’s showing his inquisitive nature again. Perhaps he had focused upon returning to this area all along. Thanks for the update as always Joanna …….

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